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Beautiful Spaces

I was humbled to be asked for an interview for the SRUC Alumni, and to be featured as a double page spread is a real honour.

Beautiful Spaces: SRUC Alumni feature Lynn Hill Garden Design to become award winning professional garden designer in Edinburgh.

Sharing my journey has reminded me of how a myriad of experiences have weaved together to create the path I have travelled. It's good to reflect sometimes... it helps to give an appreciation of where we have come from, of where we are now, and of how we got here.

...and by embracing our past journeys, we can look with wonder and excitement to the future. It's been such a fantastic journey (even with it's ups and downs - we'd learn nothing in life if everything was just too easy!). I can hardly wait to see what the next chapter has in store, with all it's fascinating experiences and the fabulous people I'll meet along the way :-)

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