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From Home Office... to Haven :-)

Let’s start with the cherry on the top. Not only are plants good for you and your environment, they can also boost your productivity by up to 15%.

Plants are a perfect addition for the home office. But… I know you don’t want to spend your time fussing over them, and quite frankly, worry that they’ll just pop their clogs and die.

So, this article is all about how to get the maximum benefits with the minimum of fuss.

There are a number of ways that you can enhance your home office with a bit of green. The ideal would be to incorporate a few of these ideas, but even just one will be enough to bring results. Let’s begin with your window. Do you have a view? If it’s out into a garden then that’s great, make a feature of the spot in view. If not then that’s ok, we can work on that.

Looking out at greenery is good for you!

First, arrange your desk so that you can gaze out. No this is not procrastinating… greenery can lift the spirits and even enhance creativity and problem solving. Can you add a large planter outside, or even a plant pot? Choose evergreen plants like Box (Buxus) or Euonymus (look them up!). They look good all year round. You want it to flower merrily all summer long, so add something like Erigeron karvinskianus (if it’s in sun) or a low growing Campanula for a more shady spot. Yes, you will have to water them sometimes, but on the whole they are suited to thriving in containers, are well behaved and need little attention.

Nowhere to put a planter? Then how about a window box. You don’t need a lot of plants to get results. No window at all? Then add a daylight lamp or bulb. This will boost you, as well as giving the light needed for plants to survive.

House Plants are great for air quality. They help enhance mood, relieve stress and boost wellbeing. You definitely want to add one or two into your office. My favourites are Sansevieria and Echeveria, both of which thrive on neglect. You only need to water them about once a month. Peace lilies are another good choice. If they start to droop a little, you’ll know it’s time to water. They then perk up almost immediately!

Maximise the impact by adding a few plant themed pieces. Silk flowers in a nice vase, botanical artwork, the opportunities are endless and can really enhance the effect. Online shops such as Graham & Green have a great selection of faux plants which are so realistic. Mix and match faux and real to find your style. Making your home office a nicer place, boosting productivity, work satisfaction and your general wellbeing. Go on, you deserve it.

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