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Front gardens in the fight against flooding

Front gardens are vital in the fight against flooding caused by climate change and global warming. this chap is sitting trying to enjoy a relaxing drink with his wine cooler beside him. Yet he is fully submerged underwater with his goggles on!

Front gardens are being paved over at an alarming rate, which exacerbates flooding. As soil is like a sponge and soaks up water, impermeable surfaces leave it nowhere to go.

The simple solution - you can help by being mindful of the types of hard surfaces you put in your garden.

The honeycomb structure keeps the gravel in place, perfect for a permeable and accessible driveway.
Eccogravel - up close - showing how it works beneath your driveway.

Let me introduce you to Eccogravel, a gravel stabilisation system which lets the water drain through. I use it in my designs all the time. It’s permeable whilst being stable enough to drive over. It's fully accessible... you can even walk on it in heels. Perfect for driveways!

a fabulous pair of black stilleto heels perched on the stable surface of Eccogravel. the gravel stabilisation system which is great for the environment and a practical accessible driveway that is easily walked on, even in heels!
Eccogravel - fully accessible... even in heels!

... and even more good news, Eccogravel contributes to the circular economy. It's made of recycled materials and can be recycled again at the end of it's use. Keeping more waste out of landfills... superb!

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