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  • Lynn Hill

Let's create less waste - and embrace the Circular Economy

How can 2 simple questions result in less waste in landfills?

These questions are ‘is it recycled?’ and ‘can it be recycled?’ The aim is to use less resources when creating things and to make sure it has a life past its’ current incarnation.

Why a picture of the Ross fountain in Edinburgh I hear you ask? During its’ recent renovation, the stone which was removed went to CED Natural Stone so that it could be used again in landscaping projects across Scotland.

The Ross fountain in Edinburgh's Prince's Street, looking glorious as water cascades from it's ornate pools. Beyond, we see the historic Edinburgh Castle. Bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun.
The Ross Fountain Edinburgh - in all it's glory.

Edinburgh's Ross fountain in Prince's Street Gardens being dismantled so that it can be given a thorough renovation
Ross fountain Edinburgh... as it receives its' facelift.

A flourishing circular economy is crucial if we are to live sustainably and protect our environment - and the more we ask these questions, then the more informed we can be in our decisions... and the more that suppliers will sit up and take notice.

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