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Creating a Haven...

Updated: May 3, 2022

I joined BBC actor Gordon Brown, to contribute to the creation of Eilidh’s house. As I give my time, expertise and creativity into creating a very special garden, I find myself giving thanks for those we love around us and the time we spend with them.

Just days before her 16th birthday, Eilidh passed away after 14 months of major surgery to remove tumours and undergo chemotherapy.

“The thing people don’t realise”, says Gordon, “is that when a child is going through cancer treatment, the family doesn’t get to spend any time together.” With one parent by her side, the other would be looking after her siblings.

Precious family time together is what the creation of Eilidh’s house is all about. As the house nears completion it is an honour to give a little of what I can to help create a respite and a sanctuary for families enduring similar pain. I give this as a garden designer, as a Director of Gardening Scotland, but most of all I give this as a mum.

For the Love of Eilidh VI Charity Concert featuring The Fratellis, Steve McCrorie and a whole host of other musical and acting talent will take place on 18th January 2020 to raise vital funds to create the sanctuary of a dream home for children with cancer.

Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund

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