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A Treat for the Senses - scent in the spring garden

Spring is such a magical time. The garden is bursting into life to the sound of birdsong and humming bees. The air heavy with the heady scent of Hyacinth and the sweet aroma of Daphne. And all of this right outside my kitchen door, I know I am very lucky indeed.

Hyacinths give a heady scent in the spring garden. A brilliant plant when looking for garden plant ideas or inspiration for the garden. They're so easy to look after.

Hyacinths are such versatile plants and I wanted to share their beauty with you. It takes stage for a short period every spring. By summer it will die back and stay dormant until reawakening the following spring, But it creates such a presence it's well worth including.

Even if you don't have a garden you can still enjoy the Hyacinth. Pop it in a pot by the door, or in a windowbox, or even in a pot on the windowsill. The Hyacinth can cope, just remember to give it some water now and then.

The sweet scented Daphne planted in the spring garden

In contrast, the Daphne is a real diva of the garden. Things have to be 'just so' for her to thrive. She won't grow just anywhere. But when she does the sweetness of her aroma is to die for. She is most definately my favourite scent in the spring garden. But I'm well aware she's not for everyone.

(note: for the purists, Daphne is in fact both male and female, In my garden I just like to refer to her as a 'she'. Perhaps it's the sweetness of her perfume, though I'm well aware that males can also be both sweet and a diva, so I wouldn't want to disciminate!)

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