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  • Lynn Hill

Gardens for Health and Wellbeing

As a species, we humans have evolved with nature and we have an innate connection to it.

This love of nature is at the heart of Eilidh’s garden, which I designed as a retreat for children undergoing cancer treatment and their families at The Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund Respite Home in Stirlingshire.

Set in the Stirlingshire countryside, this beautiful naturalistic garden with seating and tables set on decking patio, nestled in Scottish wildflowers. The modern architecture of the childrens' respite holiday home against the blue of the sky, with Stirling castle in the distance. Designed as a haven for nature, this garden provides a retreat for families with children being treated for cancer.
A wonderful space which connects people to nature.

Spending time in green spaces brings many physical and psychological benefits. It helps us to heal quicker and has been proven to reduce anxiety, stress and depression, as well as lowering heart rates and blood pressure.

The garden will serve as a haven of nature, nourishment and peace in memory of Eilidh Brown, who died of germ cell cancer in 2010, aged 15.

Beautiful hand carved wooden bench and table for dining alfresco with views over the Stirlingshire countryside in Scotland. Designed as a space were families can come together for respite and to create memories. the grey natural basalt paving contrasts the blonde of the wood. Big white daisy flowers and ornamental grasses give home to a stone sphere water feature. Drystone built seating sits perfectly, with space for a firepit on the chilly Scottish evenings, nestled in the wildflowers beyond.
A beautiful space where families can come together

I am so proud and humbled to have been able to bring my expertise in biophilic design to create such a wonderful space which connects people to nature. Eilidh’s hopes was for a space in which families could come together, away from the difficulty and separation of hospital environments. This has been the inspiration for every inch of my contribution.

This week sees the first - World Therapeutic Horticulture Day - on 18th May 2023. Celebrating the healing power of nature.


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