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  • Lynn Hill

Designing Ahead of the Trend

Updated: May 3, 2022

Why is colour important?... what does it do to our senses, our moods, our well-being? What impact does it have in our lives?

beautifully designed contemporary garden in Edinburgh Scotland. yellow flowers amidst sleek grey raised beds and trendy tiled seating.

These are all important aspects to understand as a designer. We see trends come and go, and I’m a great believer in not following the crowd needlessly, of making your own stamp on the world. But I had to stand up and pay attention when Pantone announced its’ colours for 2021. Vibrant yellow and stable, grounding grey. The very colours I had included in my final design of 2020.

Pantone has chosen this strong combination of colour to convey a message of strength and hopefulness. To resemble the light at the end of the tunnel… a step towards regeneration. Perfect to reflect the mood of the world and the challenges we all faced through 2020.

The yellow they have named ‘Illuminating’, is bright, cheerful and sparkles with vivacity. Its’ warmth is uplifting, vibrant and filled with the power of the sun. ‘Ultimate Grey’ evokes memories of pebbles on the beach, drawing up feelings of being grounded in nature, of having a solid foundation.

No wonder I found myself designing ahead of the trend. Tuning in to the universal language of colour and drawing upon its’ power to create a very special garden for my client. Colour has the ability to transform us... it can revive, refresh and inspire.

What is your colour? And what does it say about you?

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