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  • Lynn Hill

Quality at it's heart

Updated: May 3, 2022

A key element of quality is when something is built to last. Gardens are no different.

The gardens I design not only look good, they are created with materials and with construction methods that give them longevity far into the future.

Cool grey natural stone steps lead up through a beautiful garden towards a quality greenshouse. grasses give a soft look and feel amongst the flowers and foliage. the design is very geometric, with a stone pathway leading from the patio, in it's journey through this Scottish garden.

I’m a great believer that we need to move away from the ‘throw away’ culture that is prevalent across so many aspects of our lives.

Building something once, and building it to last, means that we won’t require more resources and energy for replacing or repairing... and it means that we continue to enjoy our gardens for many years to come.

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