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  • Lynn Hill

The Magic of Glass

Updated: May 3, 2022

Think Italy,… thinking of glass?... let’s narrow it down. Think Venice… Let me introduce you to the magical world of Rosso Dotto.

Poesia glass brick cocktail bar. here we see the front of the bar created from italian glass for Edinburgh garden designer Lynn Hill

Bringing that touch of luxury to your outdoor space, what could be more exquisite than crisp clear Italian glass. This really is quite out of the ordinary and I felt like I had stepped through the looking glass when asked to design with such a wonderful medium. It felt an opportunity like none other I had ever experienced. But fear not, this is no ordinary glass, this is hand cast glass bricks made in Venice. This glass looks heavenly and is simply divine, but you can still build a house with it, and Poesia, the Venice glassmakers already have. The ‘Crystal House’, Chanel’s boutique in Amsterdam is a fine example of its’ brilliance.

So, what are we creating? Well it is the 20th Anniversary of Gardening Scotland, so it’s time to celebrate… let’s have a garden party! And centre stage alongside cocktails and cake is a show garden like no other. Featuring the most original of garden features, a glass cocktail bar.

To get the inspiration flowing, I visited Venice to experience the home of Rosso Dotto and their fabulous glass creations. Venice is the true heart of some of the finest glass in the world and I am elated to be bringing a taste of this to Scotland.

This really will be a show garden to be experienced and ‘The Garden Party: celebrating 20 years of Gardening Scotland’ is a moment to be enjoyed.

Gardening Scotland

31st May to 2nd June

Ingliston, Edinburgh.

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